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About Us

Connelly Miele is an independently owned kitchen studio and Miele specialist located in Dronfield, with parking right outside. We are offering the design; supply and installation of unique kitchens; worktops and appliances.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique retail experience. Whilst viewing our different ranges of kitchen furniture and worktops, you can try out our appliances before you buy. Most appliances are either live or in demonstration mode so you can experience before you buy, ensuring you get the right product for you.

We connect and combine the expertise of home cook, designer and joiner to create a kitchen design that is not just stylish and of sleek design, but functional and practical. A kitchen that becomes the heart of the home. A space to cook and entertain, a place for living and relaxing.

Over the years we have seen many kitchen designs that look fantastic on a computer or piece of paper but don’t practically work once you begin to think about the space required for cooking, family life and living. At Connelly Miele we work with you to ensure that we create a space designed to fit all your requirements and storage needs.

We have an extensive range of Miele; Bora and Liebherr on display. Our prices are great and the customer service outstanding.

We’d love to see you.

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